Capturing The Golden Hour

Golden Hour. There is a magical hour, a time when the light from the sun shines on the Earth from the side. During this hour, light is warm, soft, and perfect for making pictures. If the light hits the clouds in the sky at just the right angle, they give off a purplish color that transforms a scene in ways nothing else can. People can sometime think an image has been altered in Photoshop!

However, if you walk along any beach one hour before sunrise and one hour after sunset - Golden hour, for one month.  You will see the amazing different colours in the sky that are capturing in a lot of Landscape Photographs. 

“In almost all photography it’s the quality of light that makes or breaks the shot. For professional photographers, chasing the light, waiting for it, sometimes helping it, and finally capturing it is a constant preoccupation — and for some an obsession.”
Michael Freeman — Capturing Light: The Heart of Photography